Paper Wallets can connect to thousands of web3 apps via WalletConnect.


WalletConnect 1.0 is supported. WalletConnect 2.0 support is coming soon.

Use cases

  • Update your profile or unhide hidden NFTs on OpenSea.
  • Sell NFTs on OpenSea.*
  • Join private channels with CollabLand.
  • Unlock in-game assets on Decentraland.

* Some functionality requires funds to pay for gas fees (ETH on Ethereum, MATIC on Polygon).


  1. Navigate to any application that supports WalletConnect. We'll use OpenSea as an example.
  2. Select the Wallet icon in the upper right corner.
  1. Select WalletConnect from the list of wallets.
  1. Select the Desktop tab and select the Paper icon. You may need to search for it!
  1. The Paper Wallet page will open in a new window where you can approve a connection to this app.
  1. Once approved, you can try interacting with the app. For example, try changing your name on your OpenSea profile.
  2. You'll see a prompt asking you to "sign" with your wallet. Signing a message does not cost any gas and is used primarily to verify your wallet address.

And that's it! :tada: