USDC Pricing

Paper supports selling NFTs that accept the USDC token for enterprise customers only.


Read our guide on How to Price your NFTs in USDC.


For thirdweb contracts

  1. Navigate to the thirdweb dashboard for your contract
  2. Set the claim condition to price the NFT in USDC.
In the **Claim Conditions** section

In the Claim Conditions section

For custom contracts

  1. Add the following snippet to your contract (modify as needed):

    1. // Replace MY_USDC_ADDRESS with the address based on the blockchain below.
      IERC20 public usdc = IERC20("0xe6b8a5CF854791412c1f6EFC7CAf629f5Df1c747");
      uint256 priceInUsdc = 50 * 10 ** 6
      function mintTo(address recipient, uint256 quantity) public {
        usdc.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), quantity * priceInUsdc);
  2. Configure your checkout to accept USDC payment:

    1. Shareable Checkout Links: When creating the checkout set the Price per NFT currency to USDC.
    2. One-Time Checkout Links: When creating a One-Time Checkout Link set mintMethod with "payment": { "value": "50 * $QUANTITY", currency: "USDC" }.
    3. Checkout Elements: When creating a Client Secret set mintMethod with "payment": { "value": "50 * $QUANTITY", currency: "USDC" }.

Accepting the correct USDC token

Make sure your contract requests the correct USDC token address from Paper. These are the supported USDC token addresses.


Do you support other ERC-20 tokens?

Paper supports popular ERC-20 (or ERC20) tokens like USDC and WETH. If your NFT is priced in a different token, contact us.