Set the API key header

Provide your Paper API key in the Authentication header:

Authentication: Bearer MY_PAPER_API_KEY

All APIs require an API key unless specified on the docs page.

Get your API key

The API key can be found on the Dashboard: Developers page.


Keep it safe!

The API key should be stored securely on your backend and never exposed on the client-side.

If your API key has been compromised, you can regenerate it by clicking Generate new key.

Calling APIs from your frontend


APIs are meant to be called from your server, not your frontend client!

Your frontend should not call the API because:

  1. The API requires an API key which should be kept secret.
  2. The API may contain fields you don't want your users spoofing such as the mintMethod arguments.

For these reasons, Paper's APIs disallow being called from frontend clients unless otherwise specified.