Paper will use one of our minter wallets to call your smart contract.

  • 0xf3DB642663231887E2Ff3501da6E3247D8634A6D
  • 0x5e01a33C75931aD0A91A12Ee016Be8D61b24ADEB
  • 0x9E733848061e4966c4a920d5b99a123459670aEe
  • 0x7754B94345BCE520f8dd4F6a5642567603e90E10 (Used for testnet transactions)


  • Paper will inform sellers with 60 days notice of any changes to these addresses.
  • These wallets are used for checkout minting. Other features on Paper may use different wallet addresses.

Use cases

  • Restrict your contract to only be called by Paper's minting wallets by checking if msg.sender is one of these wallet addresses.