Send NFTs to users

πŸ•’ This guide takes 5 minutes to send an NFT to a wallet or email.


Already have a contract?

You can also Mint NFTs to users with your own contract.

Mint an NFT to email or wallet addresses in one API call

No NFT contract, wallet, or cryptocurrency are required!

This API creates a new NFT contract with the provided metadata and sends an NFT to each recipient's wallet address or email inbox.

You can specify custom NFT metadata for each recipient. Otherwise the collection metadata will be used by default.

Organize your collections

Collections are organized by CollectionName.

When you mint multiple NFTs with the same collection name, the NFTs will be organized on the same contract. Changing the collection name deploys a new NFT contract and creates a new collection.

Example: You mint 5 NFTs under Collection A, another 5 NFTs under Collection A, and finally 5 more NFTs under Collection B.

There would be 10 NFTs in **Collection A** and 5 NFTs in **Collection B**.

There would be 10 NFTs in Collection A and 5 NFTs in Collection B.

Note: CollectionName is case-sensitive. Collections named "Hello World" and "Hello world" are seen as different collections.

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