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This documentation is deprecated

For embedded wallets, see thirdweb Embedded Wallets.

Checkouts docs will be migrated shortly.

πŸ’‘ What is Paper?

Paper is a developer platform that lets you add πŸ’Ό Embedded Wallets, πŸ›’ Checkouts, and πŸ“¦ Airdrops to your NFT platform or project.

πŸ’Ό Embedded Wallets

  • Create wallets using email or social login.
  • Trade, update, list, and burn NFTs without popups or gas.
  • Recover user wallets on any device.
  • Enable connecting to other web3 apps through WalletConnect.



Integration Guide


Pricing: Free for 1,000 logins/month. See Pricing as you scale.

πŸ›’ Checkouts

  • Sell NFTs using credit cards and other payment methods.
  • Appeal to the non-crypto audience by offering email wallets.
  • Get started in minutes with a no-code, prebuilt checkout.
  • Or fine-tune the experience with our flexible SDK.
  • Receive instant payments and protection from chargebacks.
  • Advanced features: Bring-your-own-payments (e.g. mobile IAP), allowlists, pre-payments, partial refunds, foreign currency support, marketplace sales, and more!



Integration Guide

Demos: checkout link, embedded credit card checkout

Pricing: Free for sellers, buyer pays service fee.

πŸ“¦ Minting Toolkit

  • Send NFTs to an email or wallet address.
  • No NFT contract required, or bring your own.
  • No crypto or minting wallets required -- our infrastructure delivers NFTs at scale.
  • Send batch airdrops with one API call.



Pricing: $0.05 per drop

:computer: Support

Join the Discord Community to connect with builders, report issues, and make feature requests.

For businesses: For a private support channel, white-glove onboarding, and custom limits and integration, Contact Sales.