3. Go Live Checklist πŸš€

Congrats, you're about to launch your NFT project! Refer to this checklist to ensure your production checkout won't have unexpected issues.

:hammer: Test your expected flow works on testnet

Testing on mainnet is costly! Please test your contract and checkout implementation on testnet.

  • For Polygon projects, please test on Mumbai.
  • For Ethereum projects, please test on Goerli.
  • For Solana projects, please test on Solana Devnet.

You should be able to test all critical aspects of your smart contract on testnet, including accepting ERC-20 tokens, allowlists, signature-based mints, your custom mint method, etc.


Example testing flow

Here is a successful test flow for a Shareable Checkout Link. Your flow may look different depending on how your checkout was configured.

  • Navigate to your checkout URL: https://withpaper.com/checkout/MY_CHECKOUT_ID.
  • Select Paper Wallet or MetaMask.
    • If sending to a Paper Wallet, provide the OTP code from your email inbox.
  • Select Pay with Card.
  • Enter the test card: 4242 4242 4242 4242.
  • Accept the Terms of Service and select Pay now.
  • You'll navigate to a We're processing your payment... page. Wait ~15 seconds.
  • The page will update to Your purchase is completed.
    • If your NFT has an image, a preview will appear shortly on this page.
  • You should receive an email titled Your purchase is completed!.

πŸͺͺ Unsandbox your account

Complete the necessary KYC steps, and KYB steps if you have a business entity. This information allows us to comply with U.S. regulations and is not used or shared for any other reason.

πŸ”— Set up production webhook endpoints

Testnet and mainnet transactions call a different set webhook endpoints. Make sure to add your production endpoint(s) in the Webhooks section on the Dashboard: Developers page.

πŸ€‘ Ensure your NFT is priced under $2,000 USD

Paper currently limits checkouts to be priced at roughly $2,000 USD. We reserve the right to change this at our discretion based on your checkout's risk profile.

If you need a higher price limit, please fill out this Typeform.

:chart-with-upwards-trend: Inform us of high volume launches

If you are expecting high sales volume, please reach out in Discord in advance so we can make sure the engineering team is aware and our float wallets have sufficient amount to support your launch.

πŸ’΅ Change ERC-20 addresses, if any

Remember that ERC-20 token addresses differ between testnet and mainnet. Make sure to update your contract to point at the mainnet address for the requested token. Here are common token addresses:

βš–οΈ Verify your collection on OpenSea

If your contract is on Polygon or Solana, OpenSea may hide your collection by default from buyers' profiles. Please contact OpenSea to verify your collection. Buyers are still able to complete their purchase and manually unhide it from their OpenSea profile.


Let us know how things go!

We always love hearing from customers on what went great and what needs improvement. A large portion of what we build is inspired by developer feedback.

Feel free to share your launch in the #launched-with-paper channel in Discord or mention @papercheckout on Twitter.