Receive Payment in Fiat


This feature requires the Enterprise plan

Want to receive payment for your NFT sales in USD or EUR? Checkouts can be configured such that Paper receives all NFT payments in cryptocurrency, and we pay your bank account every two weeks.


  • Your company does not need to hold cryptocurrency at any time, avoiding currency fluctuation risk and simplifying accounting.
  • You'll receive a CSV of NFT purchases to reconcile with each payout.
  • There is no added fee to use this feature. For each payment, you are paid the full fiat-equivalent (timestamped at the time of purchase).

Exchange fees may apply when being paid out in a non-USD currency.

How it works

All payments to your contract are redirected to a dedicated Paper-managed wallet that monitors payments and attributes them to your account. On a weekly cadence, our finance team wires the full fiat balance to your bank account.


  1. Complete the onboarding process on Developer Dashboard: Fiat Payouts.

  1. On your checkout, set the recipient of funds to the wallet address specified in the dashboard. Reminder: Paper can only pay you in fiat for funds sent to our wallet. Any funds not sent to our wallet are ineligible for fiat payouts.

For example, if you are using a thirdweb contract, you would put our wallet address in Payout Settings > Primary Sales > Recipient Address.

  1. When registering your contract, set Enable Fiat Payouts to enabled. If registering via API, set isFiatPayoutEnabled: true.