Email Customization

Use cases

  • Provide the buyer instructions to redeem utility for their NFT.
  • Navigate the user back to your app after they complete their purchase.
  • Thank the customer with a thoughtful note :two-hearts:.

Provide post-purchase messaging

Customize the message, button text, and button URL on the email and post-purchase page.

For Shareable Checkout Links

Configure these options when creating a Shareable Checkout Link on Developer Dashboard: Contracts.

Configure the message shown on the post-purchase page and email.

Configure the message shown on the post-purchase page and email.

Dynamic One-Time Checkout Links

Set the following fields when creating One-Time Checkout Link:

  • successCallbackUrl
  • postPurchaseMessageMarkdown
  • postPurchaseButtonText

Set your company name & logo

Set your company's logo in the Developer Dashboard: Profile page to display your company name and logo in the header of the post-purchase email.

Send your own emails

Need further customization? Send your own email when your buyer receives their NFT with these steps:

  1. Disable the post-purchase email by setting sendEmailOnTransferSucceeded: false when creating a One-Time Checkout Link or creating a Checkout Elements Client Secret.
  2. Create a webhook handler on your backend to send your own email when your API receives the transfer:succeeded event.
  3. Add your webhook URL on Developer Dashboard: Developers.