Create a Collection

Create an NFT collection in seconds for free. We cover the gas and infrastructure to deploy and manage the contract.

Use cases

  • Create an digital twin for physical items purchased from your store.
  • Create a POAP to reward attendees to your event.
  • Create a soulbound NFT to show an achievement like winning 1st place in a hackathon.



Creating a collection and sending NFTs follow the same steps. See Send NFTs: You don't have a collection.


Creating a contract with Paper is free. Paper only charges to send NFTs or update metadata. See Pricing.

Advanced features

Paper deploys a thirdweb NFT Collection smart contract for your collection and can optionally set your wallet address to be an owner. This means you can have full access to the advanced features available on thirdweb's dashboard, including:

  • Royalty splits
  • Admin and minter wallet roles
  • Disable transferability
  • Event log
  • NFT analytics


What if I already have my own smart contract?

You can still use Paper's infrastructure to Mint NFTs to users with your own contract.

Which blockchains are supported?

Currently Polygon and Mumbai testnet are supported.

Want to see another chain? Let us know on Discord.