Reservoir (EVM)


For Reservoir contracts, set contractArgs when creating Shareable Checkout Links, One-Time Checkout Links, or Checkout Elements.

Provide the collection address, token ID, and (optional) specific marketplace:

contractArgs = {
  // TIP: Add more than 1 token to the nfts array to purchase multiple listings.
  nfts: [ 
    { token: `COLLECTION_CONTRACT_ADDRESS_2:TOKEN_ID_2`, normalizeRoyalties: true, marketplace: 'opensea' }
nfts *arrayContains info about the listing.

Below is the type of the nfts array. See example above.

token *stringContains info about the nft you want to purchase. It is in the format: "contractAddress:tokenId"Required
normalizeRoyaltiesbooleanChoose whether to enforce royalties or not. If the seller didn't choose to respect royalties, the royalty will be added to the buyer.

You must also set the marketplace field to 'opensea' for this feature to apply.
marketplacestringChoose which marketplace to purchase from. Supports any reservoir-supported marketplace (passed in as 'opensea', 'blur', etc.)Lowest priced listing (through reservoir)


Paper only supports direct sales ("Buy Now")

Auction bids are currently not supported.