2c. Checkout Elements

Checkout Elements are modular components that can be embedded directly in your app. They provide more customizability to build the perfect checkout experience for your customers.

Use cases

  • You want to customize the checkout experience further than Paper's prebuilt UX.
  • You want a white-label solution to match your app's branding.
  • You don't want the user to navigate away from your app.


  • You have deployed your NFT smart contract to the blockchain.
  • You have registered your contract.
  • You have the user's wallet address.
    • Consider creating a Paper Wallet for users who don't have a wallet.
  • (For CheckoutWithCard) You have the user's email address.


Looking to accept credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments?


Embed CheckoutWithCard in your app.

Looking to accept Ethereum payments?


Embed CheckoutWithEth in your app.


What do I do if I'm running into Content Security Policy (CSP) errors?

Make sure you enable the Content Security Policy directives on your server, please allow the following directives:

  • connect-src https://withpaper.com;
  • frame-src https://withpaper.com;
  • script-src https://withpaper.com;