API Troubleshooting

Common response codes

  • 400 Bad Request: The required arguments are invalid or missing. Check if they are provided and spelled correctly. GET requests expect query parameters and POST requests expect a JSON body.
  • 401 Unauthorized: The Authorization header was not found or incorrectly formatted. Check your header is in the format: Authorization: Bearer YOUR_PAPER_API_KEY
  • 404 Not Found: The URL path is not found. Check that the URL path and any IDs in the path are correct.

Provide your API key

The API key can be found on the Dashboard: Developers page.

If your API key has been compromised, you can regenerate it by clicking Generate new key.

Provide your API key as a header: Authorization: Bearer YOUR_PAPER_API_KEY

This API key should never be used on your frontend. You will receive a CORS error when calling any API unless otherwise specified.

Rate limits

Paper servers allow 1,000 requests per minute from a single IP address. Subsequent calls will respond with 429 Too Many Requests.

This value is subject to change based on pricing plan. Please contact [email protected] if you anticipate higher volume.

API endpoints return the following headers for your convenience:

  • X-Rate-Limit-Limit: The limit for the given minute.
  • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: The number of requests remaining this minute.
  • X-Rate-Limit-Reset: The Unix timestamp when the rate resets.