Airdrop NFTs at scale without maintaining infrastructure or crypto.

Send batch airdrops to emails and wallets in a single API call. Recipients don't need a wallet or crypto.

Create a contract or bring your own. Deliver NFTs to wallets or email addresses.

Create a contract or bring your own. Deliver NFTs to wallets or email addresses.


  • Send NFTs to an email or wallet address. Email users are sent a unique claim link and can create an email-based wallet.
  • No NFT contract required, or bring your own.
  • No crypto or minting wallets required -- our infrastructure delivers NFTs at scale.
  • Send a batch airdrop with one API call.

Use Cases

  • Deliver a paid NFT after a buyer pays with mobile in-app purchases (for iOS and Android apps).
  • Send an NFT to a customer as a Digital Twin after purchasing a physical item.
  • Send an NFT to an attendee of an event as Proof of Attendance.
  • Send an NFT to followers of your social media accounts as a Loyalty Program.


  • You do not need an NFT contract. We'll create one for you.
    • Or you can bring your own Polygon contract.
  • Your account has a valid payment method for production.
    • Testing on Mumbai is free.


How much do airdrops cost?

On Polygon: $0.05 per drop which includes gas fees and contract creation.

On Mumbai: Free to start testing.

Volume discounts are available on the Enterprise plan.

How can I make sure only Paper can airdrop from my contract?

Restrict contract calls to Paper to ensure only Paper can airdrop from your contract.

This step is done for you when using a Paper-managed contract.

How scalable is the API?

The Airdrop API was created with scalability in mind. As soon as a call is made, the request is sent to a task queue that processes the time-consuming parts of the airdrop execution in an async worker. The API itself returns a response as soon as the request is sent to the queue. Our workers gracefully handle the messiness around on-chain and off-chain failures and retries.

The default rate limit is 100 airdrops per minute, and we have load tested 2000-3000 airdrops per minute. We also have a batch API endpoint available for Enterprise customers that processes up to 200 airdrops per API call.

If you have a use case that may require an increased rate limit, please Contact Sales.

How long does a unique claim link last?

The unique claim link sent to a user's inbox lasts 30 days.