Sponsored Fees

Abstract away the complexities of gas fees and allow buyers to pay the exact NFT mint price! With Sponsored Fees, the seller pays the network and service fees on behalf of the buyer's card or ETH payment.

Many buyers are unfamiliar with the concept of gas. Provide a smoother, fee-less checkout experience by covering the gas, payment processing, and Paper fees.


  1. Connect a payment method and pay to top up your Sponsored Fees credits.
  2. Configure your Shareable Checkout Link or Dynamic One-Time Checkout Link to have the seller sponsor the fees.
    1. Configure your payment method to be charged automatically when your credits falls below $20.
  3. For each checkout purchase, the buyer will pay only for the price of the NFT. Fees will be deducted from your credits.

Use cases

  • You want buyers to have a fee-less experience: A 25 USDC purchase will cost then exactly $25 USD.
  • You want buyers to be able to claim a free NFT drop without providing any payment information. They just click a "claim" button!
  • You are comfortable covering service and network fees for your checkout's purchases.



Ethereum network fees can be expensive!

Gas fees are ~$3-15 depending on network congestion for each Ethereum NFT minted. Please be aware of this price when enabling Sponsored Fees on Ethereum checkouts.


Connect payment method

  1. Under the Sponsored Fees section on Dashboard: Developers, select Manage Payment Methods.
    1. In the new window, select Add payment method and enter your bank or card details.
  2. After a payment is connected and if Sponsored Fees is enabled, valid payment methods will be available on a dropdown under the Top Up section.
  3. Entering an amount to top up in the Amount to Top Up (Whole USD Dollar) input to top up your credits.
    1. This payment method will be your default payment method used for Auto-Top Ups if enabled.

Top up automatically

Auto-Top Ups are enabled under the Top Up Options section. Here you can set the US dollar amount to add to your credit and charge your default payment method when your balance falls below $20 USD.

Remember to select Save Options for your changes to take effect.

Configure Shareable Checkout Links

When creating/editing the Shareable Checkout Links, toggle on "Sponsored Fees".

Under **Advanced Options**

Under Advanced Options

Configure Dynamic One-Time Checkout Links

When creating the Checkout Link Intent, set feeBearer: SELLER.

Configure Checkout Elements

When creating the Checkout SDK Intent, set feeBearer: SELLER.

in the Checkout Link Intent API and the Checkout SDK Intent API

in the Checkout Link Intent API and the Checkout SDK Intent API


What happens if my payment method cannot be charged?

If the Sponsored Fees credits run out, buyers will pay for fees until the credits is topped up. Paper will not disable your checkout.

How much does Sponsored Fees cost?

The fees the buyer normally pays will be deducted from your credits.

See the pricing page to see the service fee rate based on payment method.

Gas fees for mints vary depending on network congestion and the blockchain. A rough estimate per NFT minted:

  • Polygon: ~$0.01
  • Ethereum: ~$10
  • Solana: ~$0.01

Can I sponsor fees for native mint purchases?

Since native mint purchases are made directly by the buyer's wallet, you are unable to sponsor fees for these purchases.

If you'd like to sponsor fees for crypto payments, you can enable the "Pay with ETH" option in Checkout Links or implement CheckoutWithEth.

Can I request a refund for my remaining credits once my NFT sale period ends?

Please contact us via Discord or email ([email protected]) to request a refund of your remaining credits balance.