Sell Marketplace NFTs (Reservoir)

Reservoir platform that aggregates NFTs across multiple platforms. You can use Paper to create checkouts for NFTs on any of their supported marketplaces (OpenSea, X2Y2, Rarible, etc.)!

Use cases

  • You want your buyers to be able to purchase an NFT on your site from listings found on Opensea.
  • You want your buyers to be able to purchase an NFT on your site (regardless of which marketplace it may be listed on).


  • A valid listing on one of the supported marketplaces. Make a note of the NFT contract address and token ID.
  • Goerli, Ethereum, and Polygon (beta) are currently supported.


  1. Register your contract on the Developer Dashboard: Contracts page.
    1. Set your Contract Type to Reservoir.
    2. Leave Contract Address blank.
  2. Create a 🔐 Dynamic One-Time Checkout Link.

Code sample

const body = {
  title: "My Paper Checkout",
  contractArgs: {
    collectionContractAddress: "COLLECTION_CONTRACT_ADDRESS",
    tokenId: "TOKEN_ID",
    // (Optional)
    // marketplaceSource: "MARKETPLACE_SOURCE",

const resp = await fetch("", {
  method: "POST",
  headers: [
    "Authorization": "Bearer MY_PAPER_API_KEY",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
  body: JSON.stringify(body);
const { checkoutLinkIntentUrl } = await resp.body();

// Navigate users to this URL to purchase your NFT.

Please update the following variables:

Don't forget to update the following variables:

  • RESERVOIR_CONTRACT_ID: The Contract ID from Step 1.
  • COLLECTION_CONTRACT_ADDRESS: The contract address of the NFT collection.
  • TOKEN_ID: The token ID of the NFT from the listing. This listing must exist on one of Reservoir's supported marketplaces.
  • MARKETPLACE_SOURCE: Optional. The marketplace to purchase from. The listing must exist on the marketplace. If omitted, Reservoir will select the lower price found on supported marketplaces. You can find the list of sources at Contract Args: Reservoir
  • MY_PAPER_API_KEY found in the Developer Dashboard: Developers page.

Customize the checkout experience further when creating your Dynamic One-Time Checkout Link.


Want a more custom checkout experience?

You can sell marketplace NFTs with 🧩 Checkout Elements too!


Which marketplaces can Paper purchase from?

Paper supports dozens of NFT marketplaces including Opensea, X2Y2, and Rarible. See Contract Args: Reservoir for more details.