Restrict Contract Calls to Paper

Allow only Paper to call your EVM smart contract by enforcing the msg.sender must of one of Paper's float wallet addresses:

  • 0xf3DB642663231887E2Ff3501da6E3247D8634A6D
  • 0x5e01a33C75931aD0A91A12Ee016Be8D61b24ADEB
  • 0x9E733848061e4966c4a920d5b99a123459670aEe


Last updated January 2023

Paper will email all sellers with at least 60 days notice if we need to add or change float wallet addresses in the future.


What happened to PaperKeyManager?

PaperKeyManager is an alternate approach to restrict smart contract calls to Paper's float wallets. Setup is more complex but requires no changes when Paper rotates float wallet addresses.

See Restrict Contract Calls to Paper with PaperKeyManager for details.