Paper Wallets are deprecated

As of March 1, 2023, Paper is no longer creating new Paper Wallets for buyers. Please use Embedded Wallets that are scoped to each developer's application.

Why is this change being made?

An Embedded Wallet has a number of advantages over the legacy Paper Wallet, including a seamless UX that doesn't require any prompts to sign messages or gas to call blockchain methods.

What does this mean for developers using Paper Wallets?

Checkout Links will still offer a Continue with email option that seamlessly creates a wallet for the buyer. There is no change required on your part.

Now when you'd like users to log in to your app, you can use the Embedded Wallet SDK to log the user in to their wallet scoped to your application. Since this wallet is for your app only, you're able to sign messages or call blockchain methods without requiring popups or gas.

Alternatively, buyers can always connect via WalletConnect to your app (see below).

What does this mean for buyers who purchased to Paper Wallets?

There is no change in functionality! Buyers can navigate to the Wallets page to view their NFT, connect to web3 dapps via WalletConnect, and transfer NFTs for free to another wallet.

What are Paper Wallets?

Paper offers an NFT-first, non-custodial wallet so your customers don't need to understand the standard technical jargon usually associated with web3 wallets. This means that buyers...

  • Create and sign into their wallet with just their email address.
  • Connect to other web3 apps that support WalletConnect.
    • Edit their OpenSea profile, get Discord/Telegram roles with CollabLand, and more!
  • Don't need to store seed phrases, private keys, or other passwords.
  • Don't need to download any app or extension. It's entirely web-based!
  • Can export their private key at any time when they're ready to manage their own wallet.
  • Can view their NFTs quickly in the gallery view.
  • Can transfer NFTs to another wallet for free.
    • Currently supported on the Polygon blockchain only.

How do I use Paper Wallets?

Paper Wallet is available by default on all Checkout Links. You can disable this via the dashboard or API.

If you're building with Checkout Elements, you can use the CreateWallet component to generate Paper Wallets embedded into your app.

CreateWallet vs LoginWithPaper

CreateWallet is a minimal, customizable component that accepts the user's email address, prompts them to verify their email, and returns a Paper Wallet address. This lightweight option provides a wallet to your users who don't have one.

LoginWithPaper is a prebuilt authentication flow that enables users to authenticate to your app with their email address and have an account backed by a Paper Wallet. This option is best suited to provide users a wallet as well as verify they are the owners of this wallet.


What does the Paper Wallet cost?

At this time Paper offers the Paper Wallet at no cost to help onboard new buyers to NFTs!

What blockchains does this wallet support?

The same blockchains we do: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Tezos.

How secure is this wallet?

Buyers sign into the wallet with just their email address, so they enjoy the same security protections as email provider. For an added layer of security, they can choose to add a multi-factor authentication via SMS on Paper.

At no time (even when the user is logged into Paper) does Paper's backend have access to the buyer's private key. All transactions are done on the buyer's client.

How does the user access their wallet?

They can visit their Paper Wallet to view their NFTs and use WalletConnect.

See the Buyer FAQ for more details.

How does the user export their private key?

They can visit the Export page for instructions on revealing their Paper Wallet private key.