Embedded Wallets FAQ


How much does Embedded Wallet Service cost?

PriceFree$299/monthCustom pricing
Monthly Active Wallets *5005,000
+ $0.10/wallet afterward
SupportCommunityPriorityDedicated priority channel

See Pricing for more details.

* A wallet is active when a user signs in or makes a transaction. Unlike competing wallet providers, you are not charged for inactive or idle wallets!

Which blockchains are supported?

  • Ethereum mainnet and Goerli testnet
  • Polygon mainnet and Mumbai testnet

Do I need to build separate flows for embedded wallets and external wallets (e.g. MetaMask)?

No! Since our SDK provides the wallet signer, you can build a unified experience with the same code to handle how all your users' wallets interact with signatures and smart contracts.

However, you will need to provide a separate flow to create embedded wallets as you would with any wallet provider (WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, etc.).

Can the embedded wallet be used outside my app?

Yes! Your application's embedded wallets are able to use the Wallets page to sign in to their wallet, view their NFTs, and connect to web3 apps via WalletConnect.

:construction: An SDK widget enabling users to connect to web3 apps with WalletConnect 2.0 is on the Q1 2023 roadmap.