Debug thirdweb Contract

Configure your Claim Condition

Your thirdweb contract must have at least one claim condition that is active, meaning the When will this phase start? date is in the past.

Helpful tips on each field:

When will this phase start?
You may register contracts and create checkout flows before the claim phase starts, but remember that Paper can only mint tokens after this date.

How many NFTs will you drop in this phase?
This should be Unlimited. For ERC-721 collections, remember to also create the NFTs on the NFTs tab in the thirdweb dashboard.

How much do you want to charge to claim each NFT?
What currency do you want to use?
For Mumbai, this price must be ≤ 0.0001 MATIC.
For Polygon, the supported tokens are MATIC, USDC, and WETH.

For Goerli, this price must be ≤ 0.0001 ETH.
For Ethereum, the supported tokens are ETH and USDC.

Who can claim NFTs during this phase?
Ideally leave this snapshot empty. Otherwise Paper will not be able to mint from our wallets.
We don't recommend allowlisting Paper's wallet addresses because we rotate them periodically as a security best practice. However if you have a short-duration drop, please contact [email protected].

How many NFTs can be claimed per transaction?
Set this value to Unlimited. Otherwise Paper will not be able to mint more than this amount per wallet.

How many seconds do wallets have to wait in-between claiming?
Set this value to 0. Otherwise Paper may not be able to claim your NFT during bursty traffic.

Debug blockchain errors

Here are common error responses you might see from thirdweb contracts claims:

Error MessageDescriptionNext Step
!QtyThe buyer is attempting to purchase more than allowed per wallet.:warning: Your Claim Condition must allow Paper Wallets to mint an unlimited amount.

The How many NFTs can be claimed per transaction? setting must be set to Unlimited. Alternatively, allow Paper's float wallets to mint the full supply in a snapshot.
!MaxSupplyThe buyer is attempting to purchase more than the available supply, or the drop is sold out.Allow more NFTs to be sold, or prevent buyers from navigating to the checkout page if sold out.
cant claim yetThere is no claim phase, or the claim phase has not started.Wait until the claim phase has started, or set one claim phase's start date to a past date.
!PriceOrCurrencyPaper sent the incorrect amount or currency to the contract.Paper may be auto-detecting the price incorrectly. Please reach out on Discord.

Source: Drop.sol from thirdweb contracts

If your transactions are failing for these reasons, please update the active Claim Condition on your thirdweb contract.